• Sheila Anne O’Leary Co-Founder of Business IQ, Trainer, Mentor

    Sheila Anne has run her own business for 35 years – and for the past 30 years has worked directly with small businesses providing Financial and Management support, particularly in the areas of Book-keeping, Accounts, Taxation, Strategic Planning and Operations.

  • Tony O’Regan Business Trainer and
    Business Mentor

    Tony has over 27 years’ experience in business. He has managed his own business and also worked for large companies. As head of the Enterprise support and training team in Cork City Partnership, he advises new business owners in all aspects of business management.

  • Marie Wiseman Business Trainer and
    Business Mentor

    Marie has over 20 years’ experience of marketing household food brands for large food manufacturing companies in the UK. Her work involved taking new products to market, development, market research, branding, PR marketing and distribution.

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