Business IQ delivers empowering and impactful business training to help you start and grow your business.  Business IQ programmes are designed to focus on the key business development skills you need to ensure your business is a success.

Business Training and Development

Business IQ was co-founded by Sheila Anne O’Leary and Jackie Gowran in, in order to deliver a range of Business Start-Ups Programmes, Business Development Programmes and Business Training Courses in Ireland. The combination of qualifications, expertise, and experience in business knowledge has enabled them to create the tools to nourish the business skills necessary to set up and manage a successful Irish business.

Our highly qualified team delivers business training courses across Ireland – Cork North and West, Cork City, Kerry, Limerick, Waterford.

  • Sheila Anne O’Leary Co-Founder of Business IQ, Trainer, Mentor

    Sheila Anne has run her own business for 35 years – and for the past 30 years has worked directly with small businesses providing Financial and Management support, particularly in the areas of Book-keeping, Accounts, Taxation, Strategic Planning and Operations.

  • Tony O’Regan Business Trainer and
    Business Mentor

    Tony has over 27 years’ experience in business. He has managed his own business and also worked for large companies. As head of the Enterprise support and training team in Cork City Partnership, he advises new business owners in all aspects of business management.

  • Marie Wiseman Business Trainer and
    Business Mentor

    Marie has over 20 years’ experience of marketing household food brands for large food manufacturing companies in the UK. Her work involved taking new products to market, development, market research, branding, PR marketing and distribution.

The Three Foundation Pillars of your Business Success

how we mentor startups

Starting a business is an exciting proposition, however it is also a challenging undertaking and is a process. The business knowledge and guidance of our business coaches and mentors will help you learn what it takes to start a small business and, further on, how to nurture and grow it.


why business succeed

It is very simple – they manage change effectively. If you look at the oldest businesses in the world, and ask their senior managers what they attribute the success of the company to, they will talk about the management of change.

Clear Direction

be clear about your direction. It is natural that your plans will change as you grow and develop your business. However, you need a road map or anchor plan which will help you assess opportunities and challenges, rather than making ad-hoc decisions which may work here and there, but in general will dilute your efforts and create confusion for your customers, and also be more stressful for you.

Research your market

Research your market thoroughly. Make sure there is a demand for your product or services. Don’t make assumptions based on your personal needs and wants.

Marketing Strategy

Develop a marketing strategy to target your customer

Know your limits

Reach out for guidance and delegate to other professionals where needed – however always stay “in charge”.

Clear Focus

having a clear direction will give you focus. Knowing where you want to go will allow you to identify goals, these will help you identify action plans to achieve those goals and little by little will work towards success.

Know your customer

Know their needs and wants.


The ability to change and adapt to your market and the changing trends.

Get the money right

Make sure that your costing and pricing policies have taken all elements into consideration: fixed, capital and direct costs, and of course, the price your customer is willing to pay.


Engage with business development, training and networking to learn and grow your business and your own business accumen.

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